Soil Stabilization

Soil Stabilization can be utilized in a wide variety of applications such as:

  • Oil and Gas lease roads and well sites

  • Agricultural feed lots

  • Wind turbine access roads and sites

  • Roads including residential, secondary, and highways

  • Construction sites

Soil stabilization is a cost effective method to improve the load bearing capacity of soils.  The benefits include:

  • Environmental - reducing the use of virgin aggregates.  

  • Constructability Time Line - time to construct a road is dramatically reduced by soil stabilizing compared to traditional cut and fill techniques

  • Original State - through the MI reclamation plan soil stabilized land can be returned to its original use and soil returned to their original characteristics

Hydro Vac Services

Hydro Vac service and applications for:

  • Daylighting

  • Septic cleaning

  • Slot trenching

  • Oilfield

  • Pipeline tie-ins

  • Pipeline crossing

  • Shoring installations

  • Service pits

  • Anode installations

  • Fluid separation

  • Commercial sump cleaning

  • Flood/spill cleanup

Vac Services 

Tri-drive vacuum units available to handle:

  • Oilfield

  • Septic and holding tank cleaning

  • Flood cleanup

  • General vac truck services

  • Commercial sump cleaning

Water Hauling Services

Tandem and Tridem provide water hauling services for the following applications:


  • Residential and acreage water

  • Construction

  • Oilfield

  • Landscape watering

  • Daylighting

  • Utility location

  • Slot trenching

  • Potholing

  • Backfill restoration

  • Coring

  • Spill clean up