MI strives to provide innovation by utilizing the latest technologically advanced equipment to meet your projects needs.  Our combined equipment offering provides you with a one stop shop to provide you an economical and environmental solution. 

Soil Stabilizers​
Precision mixing depths, water metering and the ability to work at programed slopes of up to 15%.

WR250 S-Pack:
Similar to the WR200 but with additional horse power and moisture injection capabilities. This unit also has the capability
to direct feed cement into the mixing hoper reducing/eliminating dust for residential, commercial and other sensitive areas.

MI’s most compact unit for smaller projects.
Water Trucks

Tri-drive Specifications:​

  • Tank Capacity: 21m³

  • Legal Payload: 15m³ (Depending on material density)

  • Setup for winter use.

Tandem Specifications:

  • Tank Capacity: 15m³

  • Legal Payload: 8m³ (Depending on material density)

  • Setup for winter use.

Vac Trucks

Tri-drive unit specifications:

  • Westec Vac System

  • Hibon 820 1600 CFM

  • 18.47m³ debris tank

  • Legal Payload 10m³ (depending on material density)

Hydro Vac Trucks

A tri-drive hydro-vac truck that’s fully equipped with a debris tank and water reservoir to excavate the clay, earth, gravel, and stone from the ground.

Unit Specifications:

  • Debris Tank Capacity:  9.17m³

  • Legal Payload: 7m³ (Depending on material density)

  • Water Tank Capacity:  5m³

  • 8” Suction line